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The Instaply SDK will allow you to embed text conversations into iOS and Android apps.

Under iOS and Android on the left hand side of the page, you will find sample integration projects, to help you navigate the integration. The sample projects currently include example API keys associated with test organizations on Instaply.com.

In order to execute your actual integration, you will need to request unique API keys from us, that we will associate with your organization(s).

To complete the setup so that your application can receive push notifications, you will need to provide Instaply with the URL of the endpoints that needs to be called, when a push notification needs to be sent to your application users (you will be in charge of sending the push notification to the user device). Please provide a single, unique URL, per organization. The format of the payload sent to these URL is explained in the “Push notifications” documentation. On top of this documentation, we provide a sample implementation in Java, of this endpoint.

If you’d prefer that Instaply handle the sending of your push notifications, simply provide us with the certificates for the Google and Apple push notification services for your applications.

Should you have any additional questions regarding our SDK, please feel free to reach out our CSM for support.